Coronavirus Covid vaccine at Publix

publix farmacy vaccinetion

Coronavirus vaccinations πŸ’‰ in Publix Pharmacy are made only by appointment on a βœ”οΈ first-come, first-served basis online. Schedule a COVID vaccine19 by phone does not can.

Read the instructions - how to make an appointment for vaccination. To date, one of the two Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines appointment from Publix.

Publix Covid vaccine sign up

First step - you need to go to the site publix com and register or Sign In.

Open publix com/covidvaccine
Select your state
Select your preferred vaccine type (Moderna or Johnson & Johnson)
Follow on-screen cues and choose appointment time and location
Review your confirmation email

You need to prepare personal information about yourself: identification number, social security number, email address, residential address, state, country. It is also necessary to answer questions about the presence of allergies and leave the contacts of a trusted person in case of complications.


During the first vaccination, you must provide a document confirming your residence in the country and state. During the second vaccination; you must take your vaccination card and driver's license with you, and then fill out the form for immunization. You can also sign up here - CVS Covis 19 vaccine registration .

Publix Covid vaccine states

You can sign up for Publix vaccination in the following states:



The list of states is gradually expanding.

How do I schedule my second dose?

You can get a second dose at the same pharmacy exactly 28 days after the vaccination. In this case, the time will be the same. For example, you recorded at 2 pm, and then the next record will be at 2 pm.

What are the most common side effects?

Side effects can be different, patients report the presence of headache, fever, redness of the injection site, loss of consciousness. Especially pronounced side effects after the second vaccination.

When will Publix Pharmacy have a new Covid 19 vaccine?

This information cannot be provided by email. You can only get this information on our website.


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