Free Covid testing near me Publix

Test at home

A large number of Publix stores, 💉 together with the state program, have opened sites for free testing of the population for COVID 19 - you can rapid testing coronavirus; ✅ everyone can do a free test near their home. You will not have to count on a quick test, because the number of test takers is quite high.

How to get tested Covid 19 in Publix

To do a coronavirus test in Publix, you need to:

find the nearest store with a testing site
make an appointment
take the test
get the result the next day

The result will be ready within 24 hours from the date of the analysis and will be sent to your email address.

Read how to get vaccinated from Covid 19 in Publix

Publix COVID-19 rapid antibody testing now available near you

You can take an antibody test for money - the presence of antibodies determines whether a person has had a coronavirus or not. The result will be ready for the next day after the analysis.


At-home COVID-19 kits test at Pubix

There are also special kits for taking the test at home. You can buy these kits at any Publix pharmacy. The cost of such a package is from $ 25 to $ 120.

testing kits

In which states can I testing Covid 19 at Publix

The tests can be taken at Publix pharmacies in the following formats:

  • Florida
  • Alabama
  • Georgia
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Virginia
  • Tennessee

Who needs to get tested?

People with symptoms of coronavirus disease, people who were close to the sick, patients referred by the attending physician, people who took part in a large gathering of people. Please note that many countries require a negative PCR test.



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