Several ways ⚡️ how to check Publix gift card balance

 publix gift card balance

Publix - one of the most popular supermarkets in California. It offers its customers to purchase gift cards of various denominations, which can be used in any of the supermarkets of the trading network.

There are several different ways ✔️ how to check the balance of a Publix gift card: online in the site, through the support service or at the nearest official store.

You can use any of these methods - they are all free.

When might you need this information?

When you do not know the rest of the money on the gift card and you need to make purchases in the supermarket or purchase expensive goods.

Publix gift card balance checker online

The first way to check the balance is to use onine-service.  Verify the remaining balance online by following the link .

  • Enter card number
  • Enter card PIN

How to check balance

Check Publix gift card by Phone

The second way to check the balance is to use a customer support phone number.

  • Call the number 1-800-830-815-9
  • Listen to the voicemail of the answerphone to the end
  • Select a menu item for gift card transactions
  • Provide to support information about your card: number and PIN code


The operator will report the balance of funds on your balance sheet.

Check card balance at the nearest store

Another way to check the balance of money on a gift card is to contact the nearest company store. Find the store nearest you on the website

  • Follow the link above
  • Enter state, city and zip code
  • Choose your store from the list

Pay attention to the schedule and opening hours.

Any gift card

At the store, contact your administrator or retailer. You can also get this information yourself in the self-service machine.

When you can use Gift card?

The Publix gift card can be used to purchase products and goods in the Publix chain of stores. However, there are restrictions on its use.

It is forbidden to transfer money or replenish other cards. Buying lottery tickets or tobacco products is also prohibited.

How to buy a publix gift card?

You can order Publix Gift Card in any store, for example Amazon.

  1. Go to the official online store Publix
  2. Choose a suitable gift card design and face value
  3. Fill in the information of the owner: last name, first name, contact phone number and others

Courier to the address you specified in the delivery form will send the gift card.